QRS Intl Accreditations

QRS Intl is duly assessed and accredited by well known Accreditation Bodies (National & International) for its proficiency, ethics, trustworthiness and independence to take on certification assessment activities.

Occupational health and safety Abu Dhabi( OSHAD)

  • Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHAD) was established to ensure the implementation of a comprehensive and integrated management system for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and to oversee all OSH issues at Abu Dhabi  Emirate level, to ensure reduction of accidents, injuries and illnesses and provision of safe and healthy workplaces.

  •  It is formally known as AD-EHSMS / OHSMS.
  • OHSMS Annual Compliance Audits are established with the aim to include positive points to clarify compliance expectations and ensure effective implementation of an OHSMS with in any organization
  • QRS Intl is an OHSAD approved auditing firm. Our Lead Auditors are registered with Abu Dhabi Occupational safety and Health Centre (OSHAD) who are authorized to conduct third party compliance audit.

Environmental agency abu dhabi  (EAD)

  • QRS Intl is approved from environmental agency to provide environmental auditing and waste management services within UAE.

  • QRS Intl is committed to giving environmental protection, regulation and natural resources conservation a high priority on the national agenda. Its scope is to provide a direction for government, business and the community to build environmental considerations into the way they plan and live without compromising Abu Dhabi’s development.
  • There is no possibility of conflict  of interest on basis of these services provided which can impact the ISO certification process and decision making.

Centre of waste management abu dhabi ( CWM)

  • QRS Intl is approved from Centre of waste management  to provide the services in the field of waste management such as solid waste management, hazardous waste management and environment compliance auditing within UAE.
  • We are committed to ensure proper and sustainable use of natural resources in order to encourage reduction of waste production at source, and monitor, control and record all activities relating to waste and to activate the structuring of waste management and to overcome the environmental and economic damages resulting from waste.

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