HSEQ Policy

QRS Intl strives to provide its customers with quality and reliable services and enhances its reputation through continual improvement so as to become one of the  market leader in ISO Certification.

To implement this policy, we developed HSEQ objectives and procedures and defined a system that operates throughout the company.  All personnel are required to work in accordance with those procedures to achieve the following objectives and in accordance with the highest professional standards, and compliance with all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements, aiming for continual improvement and customer satisfaction through the involvement and participation of all levels of management, staff and other interested parties:

 Thus, our HSEQ Policy objectives are to:

  • Maintain and improve quality registrar systems Company’s reputation in the market for impartial certification.
  •  Ensure Quality compliance with the standards prescribed in relevant, contracts, codes, statutory and regulatory requirement.
  • Promote Quality Management as being the responsibility of each and every employee by providing Quality induction.
  • Minimize Non-Conformances and complaints with the objective of achieving overall quality costs and maintenance of agreed programs.
  • Quality planning shall be effective to ensure the provision of the necessary resources, procedures, and techniques to assure quality of the services
  • Provide a reliable and effective document control to ensure all activities occur to the correct documents and specifications and any changes are approved and identified.
  • Identify potential environmental impacts and opportunities from QRS Intl services and activities, by providing environmental impact assessments and reports, and then address recommendations in the decision-making and planning processes;
  • Seek to minimize pollution and use natural resources sustainably by considering environmental performance and development;
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and continuous improvement by identifying appropriate environmental standards, developing and implementing guidelines, implementing pollution mitigation measure, monitoring environmental performance, and reviewing activities where necessary;
  • Provide environmental  and awareness to staff to enable them to carry their jobs responsibly, and ensure accountability for environmental performance at all level in QRS Intl;
  • Ensure contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, and partners working with us meet or exceed QRS Intl environmental expectations;
  • Pro-actively work with other local and international stakeholders through research and joint programmes, to advance environmental management in the development, and operation stage of in-land and marine urban communities.
  • Maintain occupational health and safety management systems meeting the certification body requirements.
  • Maintain a culture of free and honest accident and incident reporting.
  • In fulfilling this commitment to protect both people and property, management will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, in accordance with applicable standards and in compliance with legislative requirements, and will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in property damage, accidents, or personal injury/illness.
  • We recognize that the responsibility for health and safety are shared. All employees will be equally responsible for minimizing accidents within our facilities and on our work sites.

The QHSE policy will be incorporated at all levels and is the responsibility of management with the active support of all our staff.

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