GMP Certification

GMP Certification | Good Manufacturing Practice
GMP – Benefits

 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) establishes the operational conditions and requirements necessary to ensure hygiene throughout the food chain and for the production thereof.

GMP consists of guidelines that define management and handling actions, with the purpose of ensuring favourable conditions for the production of safe food. They are also useful for the design and operation of establishments and for the development of processes and products related to food.

GMP have been developed by the Codex Alimentarius with the main objective of customer protection. It includes many basic operational conditions and procedures that are required to be met by the food company.

GMP – Benefits

  •  Prove organization’s management capabilities in product quality, safety assurance
  •  Enable employees to develop good production / operations habits
  •  Reduce safety risk in product quality and safety
  •  Timely detect production and management problems, reduce cost
  •  Better understand and comply with the relevant laws and regulations
  •  Enhance the international credibility and public image
  •  Increase customer’s long-term confidence in the enterprise

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